Despite absences, Hamilton schools have plenty of students to stay open

The many absences in Hamilton High School these past few days have left students and parents wondering if school might close. The attendance office has been flooded with call after call from parents reporting to the office that their students are going to be out sick.

Although it seems like the absences have been at an all-time high, according to attendance guru Mr. Bob Hippey, the highest the absence level reached last week was 115 students missing, which is about 15% of the school.

“Even though this list of kids looks long,” said Mr. Hippey holding up the list of missing students today, “we aren’t even close to closing”.

According to Director of Secondary Education Mr. Doug Braschler, the school has to be at 25% of students absent in order for school to close the next day, which is about 205 students for Hamilton High.

The chance of the high school closing isn’t likely. Both Mr. Hippey and Mr. Braschler said that the school closing due to sickness has never happened in the history of Hamilton.

If the small possibility of the school closing does happen, the school is cushioned with five days of closing time. If the school exceeds the limit, days will be added at the end of the school year.

According to Mr. Braschler, seniors would not be required to make up these days.

So, while the rumor that school might close is floating around, the chances are slim.


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