Donating blood at a younger age creates more problems

Just recently the Michigan state law lowered the age to give blood from 17 years and a 110 pounds to 16 and a 110 pounds.  This new law allows teenagers to give blood sooner if they choose to.

In my opinion giving blood at a younger age isn’t the ultimate, best idea. For years people have been fine with giving blood starting at age 17.  Usually in high school blood drives the older student and more honest student gives.

Because the change is new, I don’t think it will have an effect on the NHS Blood Drive. Though in time it could change, right now, students may not even be aware of the new age limit.

By giving blood at a younger age, there could be more problems in high school blood drives. With the age limit at 17, they are fewer young donors. If donors are too young, then there could be bad side effects, because younger bodies aren’t fully developed.

Although it would give Michigan more blood, who is to say teenagers at 16 will give blood. I believe this law was only passed to please a few people. I think most people will wait until they are 17 and a 110 pounds.

By lowering the age to give blood, who is to say they won’t lower it to 14 or 15.  Soon they will be having blood drives at the elementary school, and by the time students get to high school there will be no blood left to donate. In my opinion, they should have just left the age at 17 years old.


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