Dutch Dancers enjoy being in the Tulip Time spotlight

Every spring, people are always talking about Tulip Time and Dutch Dancing. Students wishing to sign up next spring should watch for the sign up at the end of November to early December; and also check at picture days if they are there.

The dancers spend around 2 to 3 hours of practice each week over 4 months time to prepare for their actual performances during Tulip Time.

The current director, Mrs. Cheryl Bleeker, has been directing at Hamilton since 1996. She had started out as the assistant director under Mrs. Shari Walton. Now Mrs. Bleeker and her sister, Laura Hulst (Bleeker’s assistant), teaches the dances, but also will gladly fill in when they are needed to do so.

As any coach, Mrs. Bleeker has multiple things running through her mind when her group of dancers are actually performing.  She mainly hopes that the dancers didn’t forget the small things to help make the dances more sharp.

“”(I enjoy) looking many times with pride at the nice students and how great they look and perform,” she said.

When asked how fun is it to actually perform for tourists and the locals, the dancers say that its fun to see them smiling, and that they helped made their vacation better.

“I wanted to try something different for my first year of high school,” freshman Lizzie Corliss said.

But what’s the best part about Dutch Dance?

“Hanging out with friends,” senior Mackenzie Melvin said.


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