England exchange will take students to Chicago, Sleeping Bear Dunes

On Monday, October 22, 14 students and 2 adults from Britain came to Hamilton High School for the England Exchange.

Hamilton students, along with their exchange students, will go to Chicago and Sleeping Bear Dunes, Mr. Spotts said, who is running the exchange.

The Freestone family, with senior Kray and freshman Anna, are hosting 2 boys – Tom and Johnny.

“It’s really fun having (Tom and Johnny) here,” Anna said. “When they leave, the house will be a lot quieter. It will be really sad because I probably won’t ever get to see them again. But I know they are having a good time.”

“Cheerio,” is a common saying in Britain, which meaning ‘thanks’, but catches the Americans off guard sometimes, thinking they are talking about breakfast.

They all leave Saturday, November 3.

Goodbyes will be held by the flag pole at 7:30 am.


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