Ensemble Musical: last concert of the school year

Ensemble Musical is the last concert of the year and bound to be a hit.

After a great year full of plays, musicals, and concerts, Ensemble Musical comes to finish off the year. For those who don’t know, Ensemble Musical is nothing short of a normal concert. Not only are all the high school vocal groups – Honors Choir, Women’s Chorale and MTC – singing, but all the middle school MP3 classes will be preforming as well.

At the start of this concert, all the classes will come together to sing a medley. This year’s medley is The Muppets, which includes the songs Rainbow Connection, Me Party, Muppets Theme Song, Mah-na-ma-nah, and Life’s a Happy Song.  From there each class will takes turns singing and dancing to all sorts of great songs that have been hand picked from as variety of musicals. Some are well known enough to sing along with, others are bound to become new favorites.

“I am really excited about this year’s concert,” Honors choir junior Ambre Couturier said. “All the choirs are pushing themselves to new limits, Honor’s choir especially. We are singing a Les Mis medley which contains some pretty powerful songs, and it will take song extra effort to fit some deep emotion in that song.”

At the end of part one of the concert,the middle school MP3 classes will peeform the ever traditional Dance Evolution. This includes bits and pieces of classic American songs, such as Y.M.C.A., Greased Lightin’, and of course The Chicken Dance, along with many other hits that bring back memories from years ago.

Speaking of tradition, toward the end of the second part of the concert, the high school choirs will dance to one of the most well known songs by Michael Jackson, Thriller. This song was first preformed many years ago, and needless to say, the crowd and the students loved it. Since then, Thriller has been one of the most memorable moments of each Ensemble Musical.

“I am most excited to perform “Single Ladie” by Beyonce,” Couturier said, “the version that we are singing is a little more jazzy, which adds a little more excitement then just singing the original song. We have choreography for this song, and the choreography is actually really similar to the original song’s choreography. We also get to add a little attitude which is always fun to do.”

Not only is this the last concert of the year, Friday’s performance will be the last day for seniors all together, and what’s a better way to end their high school career than singing and dancing with and for their friends? Tears will be shed, not only by the seniors, but by vocal teacher Mrs. Israels, when the senior song is sung. Goodbyes are always bitter sweet.

Ensemble Musical will be on Thursday and Friday, May 13 and 14 at 7:00 p.m. in the high school auditorium, tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the middle school and high school offices. See all the hard work that all the music classes have done to give us all a sure to be great production.


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