Equestrian team: Positive attitude no matter what

Sienna Echols and Heidi Mihm doing western equitation.

This year the equestrian team has grown to 9 girls.

“We have one new rider to horses, and five new riders to the team,” said Coach Deanna Prins.

With many new people this year, the team had to battle to compete. That didn’t stop them though, as they maintained a positive attitude and everyone stepped up when needed.  It is what kept them going.

“We can do different things to get points as a whole,” said junior Sienna Echols.

However, with such a small team some members had to step up and fill in spots and events that they have never done which can tire both the rider and horse.

Many riders agreed the best events to watch are speed events. With horses painted and and riders dressed in flashy clothing, it makes it very exciting to watch.

“Speed is my favorite event because you can go as fast as you can,” said Brandy Bale who is one of the new riders to the team.

“They have to work with an animal that weighs 10+ times their weight and has a mind of its own,” Coach Prins said.

With that in mind, controlling a horse can be hard at times. This season during a speed event, Bale fell off her horse, went into the fence, broke her wrist and ended up with a mild concussion.

Working with a horse can be very time consuming. Most riders train all year round, seven days a week to keep their horse in shape. It also takes a few hours before to get a horse ready for a show.

“Positive attitude no matter what and sportsmanship are more important than winning,” Coach Prins explained, adding that the lesson she wanted the team to learn this season was “as long as you do your best that is what counts.”


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