Equestrian team: Regional Bound

The equestrian team poses with their reserve champion trophy.

The Hamilton equestrian team was crowned the district reserve champions this past weekend at the Hudsonville Fairgrounds.

The Hawkeyes were in a tight knit battle as they battled for second place with Zeeland West many times throughout the day. Hamilton, West Ottawa, and Zeeland West were very close competitors, as only a few points seperated them after each event.

When the overall points standings were announced at the end of the day, there was an overwhelming sense of nervousness that filled the air. Nobody knew how the points would tally up, and riders anxiously awaited the results.

Zeeland West was placed third, Hamilton in second, and West Ottawa taking the win. Since the top two teams go to regionals, Hamilton and West Ottawa will advance to the regional competition. Hamilton finished 18 points behind West Ottawa, and 30 points ahead of Zeeland West.

Hamilton will be heading to Berrien Springs this coming weekend to fight for a spot in the State championship.




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