Escaped convicts create sleepless nights in Hamilton area

After two convicts escaped from Lake County Jail, people in the Hamilton area have been concerned about their safety. The convicts escaped Saturday and a search through the Dorr area was performed Monday afternoon.  Nothing has been left unlocked this past week, as Dorr residents take extra precautions in keeping their families and belongings safe.

“I was very scared when they were around here,” Hamilton junior Courtney Smit said.  “Knowing they escaped and stole stuff, I was afriad to go out by myself. I kept my doors locked and just had someone with me. It was scary being a girl all alone in a car with criminals around here.”

The escapees were spotted Monday around 4 p.m. in a stolen Jeep along 142nd Ave.

When a car chase begun, the convicts ditched the Jeep and headed out on foot, trailing through corn fields and wooded areas. The police had numerous tips from people but nothing that led to anything substantial.

According to News 8, the convicts later were spotted in Kokomo, Indiana. They arrived in a Ford Taurus that they had allegedly stolen from a grocery store parking lot in Dorr.

They proceeded to steal a pick up truck with loaded guns in the back of the truck.

It appears Dorr residents are safe for now, but it is unknown where the two criminals are headed.


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