Fans can ride bus to attend Edwardsburg playoff game

The first varsity football team travels to Edwardsburg for its first playoff game on Friday. The game is at Edwardsburg, which is about an hour and a half to two hours away, near the Indiana border.

Hamilton High School is offering a bus to bring fans to the playoff game. The cost to ride the bus is $4. The cost covers paying the bus driver and the gas money.

According to high school secretary Mrs. Connie Yonker, the school usually offers this ride when there are playoff games that are far away in attempt to get more people to support the team.

Mrs. Yonker remembers chaperoning at least four different rides. Students are expected to act as they were going to a normal event; being courteous to other students, the chaperones, and the bus driver.

To make this trip possible and meet the costs of the ride, at least 30 students need to sign up and the most the bus can hold is 50 students. Currently, 27 students have signed up.


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