Finding a job can be tough for seniors

As seniors search for jobs they are starting to experience the hardships of job searching.

Selena Lundy and Alyssa Peters
T’Hawk Staff Writers

As fall quickly fades, and another step in the career of high school seniors come to a close, it has finally hit that college costs a lot more than many would think.

This can get very stressful for high school seniors that haven’t had a job yet or won’t be able to get a lot of help from financial aid.

According to the website, there are a few key things to remember when taking a job during your senior year.

“If you want to work during the school year, look for weekend jobs or jobs that don’t require you to work hours too late at night – homework should still be your number one priority” the website advises. “You will also want to find an employer who can give you the flexibility needed to accommodate your extracurricular schedule.”

After looking on the Internet for possible openings, going into businesses to fill out applications, and having to create a resume, students begin to realize just how hard it is to find a job that suits them.

Businesses that are currently hiring also are looking for experienced workers. Students looking for a job with virtually no experience, or not a lot of experience, have a harder time actually getting a job.

“Businesses want experience, but it’s hard because a lot of people don’t have experience,” said Logan Dowler, a senior who is currently looking for a job.

It’s also hard because the places that are currently hiring are requiring that applicants are 18 or older. A lot of seniors are not yet 18.

“I think that people can get a job, but it depends on if they actually want to take the time to find one,” said senior Courtney Smit, who currently works at Big Boy. “As the shopping season gets closer a lot of businesses are hiring.”


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