Floor hockey finals set for Monday

Floor hockey mania had students and teachers chasing the ball all week during both lunches.

The ThunderHawk Floor Hockey tournament will come to a conclusion next week as finalists square off for both lunch periods.

During A lunch, Team Behnke defeated Team Blauw 2-0 to advance to the finals where they will face-off against Team Kapenga, a 1-0 winner over Team Grabinski.

The B lunch semifinals also saw tight action to reach the final.  Team Bochenek defeated Team Myers 1-0 on a goal by recent call-up Mason Miller.  Mr. Myers lodged an official protest, but the Russian judges ruled Miller eligible as a replacement.  The judges also noted the use of illegal hockey sticks by Mr. Myers (not too mention Drew Stafford), but that will be addressed in future tournaments.

The final qualifier for Monday’s championship was Team Lefere (A) with its 2-1 double overtime victory over Team Ekkens.

Thanks to all the teams for participating.



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