Football Is beneficial for kids

Tim Tebow taking a big hit against Kentucky while a college player at Florida.

To play or not to play, that is the question many are asking. With the number of concussions in football on the rise, people are worried about letting their kids play.

I personally don’t see a problem with playing football. I don’t see a problem with letting my kids play if that is what they want to do. People never had a problem with football before, so why start now.

Playing football can benefit kids. They learn teamwork, leadership, and it can help them open up a little bit and not be so shy. It also keeps them stay fit and be active. They aren’t sitting in front of the television or the latest, coolest video game. They are getting active which promotes a healthy life style like the NFL’s Play 60 campaign says.

Naturally, people are worried about their kids getting hurt or getting a concussion while playing football. People also get concussions in other sports, but people aren’t freaking out about those sports, and according to only 5-10% of athletes will experience a concussion in any given sport.

Football has come a long way from running around with a piece of leather on your head and no shoulder pads. According to modern football helmets aren’t any better at preventing concussions than the old leather helmets. So if helmets aren’t any better than they where back in the day, why are people waiting to freak out about it till now?

Coaches these days have to go get training before the start of each football season starts. If a kid experiences even one symptom of a concussion, they are benched and sent to the trainer and are not allowed to play until they are cleared by a doctor.

If you ask most of the current players, they will tell you that they have no problem playing and when they have kids they won’t have a problem letting them play if they want to.

See ya’ll on the gridiron!

(Javin Stutzman played his first year of competive football on Hamilton’s JV team this past fall. ┬áSee his story about concussions here.)


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