Freshman Football 2-1, looking to keep winning and learning

The freshmen football team keeps working to improve this season.

This week I caught with Hamiton freshmen football Head Coach Mark Behnke, and his assistant coach, Jared Randall, to talk about where the team is at this point in this season, and what has stood out after 3 weeks of play.

T’Hawk: Has the season, so far, gone the way you have hoped or expected?

Coach Behnke: “Expectations are always going to be high here, but we’re getting better on a weekly basis.”

Coach Randall: “Yes and no. We have gotten better each day, but we have not reached our full potential.”

T’Hawk: What, in your opinion, is the strength of this football team?

Coach Behnke: “We have 25 guys who can play and want to play.”

Coach Randall: “Our character – both on and off the field.”

T’Hawk: What person or position group has surprised you after the start of practice?

Coach Behnke: “The WR group with their physical blocking; on defense the D-ends.”

Coach Randall: “We have a couple surprising contributors in the defensive backfield that made us better.”

T’Hawk: What is an area where you would like to see a little bit of improvement in?

Coach Behnke: “We want to be the most physical.”

Coach Randall: “Our mental toughness and our killer instinct.”

T’Hawk: Hamilton runs the spread offense which can be run-heavy, like Michigan in college, or a pass-heavy style of offense, like the Houston Cougars?   If you can have one style, what would it be?

Coach Behnke: “Heavy-run, smash mouth, but you work with the personal you have.”

Coach Randall: ” If given a choice, heavy-run, but there’s nothing wrong with passing it.”




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