Freshman volleyball adjusts to high school play

“We have to work hard, but it is fun, defensive specialist Aimee Geurink said. “It is very different than middle school because high school has strict rules.”

“I like playing on a high school team very much,” right hitter Ashley Overbeek said, “The games go faster and all the work done this summer is making a big difference on with their team and abilities.”

According to Overbeek and Geurink, before the game begins the team gets on the court and in a team huddle. On the break of the huddle they are ready to play their game to the fullest.

The players work well as a team even though they don’t do a ton outside of practice. They bond when they are together on the court.

Coach Ayres is feeling more confident in her coaching abilities. Using last year as a learning experience, she feels that former Hamilton varsity coach Christie Klaasen has taught her a lot.

With Coach Klaasen not coaching at Hamilton anymore, Coach Ayres coached the varsity over the summer while they were trying to find a new varsity coach. She guided them at team camps and conditioning to get ready for the upcoming season.

“Helping varsity taught me a lot,” she said “(Coach Klaasen) basically taught me everything I know about (coaching) volleyball.”

With the season now wrapping up, the team is looking forward to a new level and another chance to improve.

The transition from middle school to high school volleyball was hard, but the freshmen  team showed improvement over the season.  Under second-year Coach Mary Ayres, the season got off to a good start winning three of their five conference games.

After this weekend’s 3rd place finish in the conference tournament, the team is guaranteed to finishing the season with a winning record.   The ladies final match comes in a crossover this Thursday.

The players say they can feel the improvement over last year.

Minae Zomer contributed to this report.


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