Freshmen boys basketball lead themselves to victory

The freshmen boys basketball team beat Allegan 39-15, Tuesday, Dec. 4.

“We played well together as a team on offense and defense,” Kyler Rubley said. “I think we will continue to play well.”

During the game, the boys stepped up their defense and improved as a team.

“In the second half, we played a lot better defense,” Lucas Reimink said.  “We scored more points.”

“”As a whole, the team played pretty well,” Coach Jared Randall said. “Our zone offense was efficient and our defense was solid for the first game.”

Not only was this a “step up” from the first half, but it was also a big moment for one particular player.

“Christian (hit a) shot at half court at the buzzer,” Spencer Boeve said, “but they didn’t count it.”

“It’s kind of funny to me,” Christian DiCeasare said. “It was the first half shot I’ve made in a game, and it was a buzzer-beater. But, I didn’t beat the buzzer.”

The boys play Thursday against Hopkins.


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