Freshmen girls basketball learning quickly

The girls huddle up during a time out at their game against BC.

This year the the freshmen girls have come to play and “work”. Their biggest advantage is how much they have been playing together before high school so they know each other very well.

“They have a very high basketball IQ and they learn things quickly,” Coach Mary Ayres said.

The team has gone through a big adjustment of having to play at a high school pace and having a few girls move to varsity. It has given a chance for girls to step up.

“ I think our biggest struggle has been playing at the high speed that we want to play, but still taking care of the basketball,” Coach Ayres said.

The girls have a record of 6-4 and started off their OK Conference with a win over Byron Center on Tuesday, January 14.

“We play for one another and for our school, not ourselves,” Kelly VandenBerg said.


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