Gas line explosion rocks Burnips

An explosion shook the Burnips area Monday, Oct. 8.  While no one was hurt from the blast, a fatal accident occured near the scene Oct. 12.

Some nearby houses could feel the heat from the 12-inch natural gas pipe that exploded under the ground. The town was evacuated for a short time, and the cause of the explosion is still being under investigation.

According to, Mike Curtis, a neighbor to the area, said, “ The sound was deafening, it sounded like a jet engine taking off.”

Along with Curtis, other neighbors experienced a loud noise and extreme heat, which resulted in melted siding and windows. Luckily there were no injuries or extreme outcomes of the explosion. The main concern of nearby residents is what the after affect of the explosion will be. Many wonder about long-term dangers.

The accident four days later occured when a couple had driven to the site to see the remains of the plant. When leaving the scene, they started to turn around and were hit by another vehicle. The driver died instantly.

According to those familiar with the case, a factor in this fatal accident is the fact that the couple was in a 1960’s era car not equipped with seat belts.   The couple was also apparently still looking at the explosion site, which was a distraction .

The drive of the second vehicle was not injured and the passenger in the car that was hit was in serious condition.

To prevent this from occurring again, the town put up “no parking” signs and advised people to stay away from the explosion site until it is completely cleaned up.


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