Girls cross country team co-conference champs, boys runner-up

The girls cross country team posses for a shot with the conference team championship trophy.

Caleb Topp
T’Hawk Staff Writter

The girls team put forth an incredible performance Wednesday night to claim a share of the team conference championship. All of the varsity runners contributed to the victory.

Sophomore Erika Freyhof battled against Unity Christian’s Kelly Nesky. Freyhof and Nesky went back and forth for the lead during the first two and a half miles. However, Nesky edged Freyhof in the final half mile and went on to claim the individual conference champion title. Freyhof finished second in 19:05 just nine seconds behind Nesky.

Erika Freyhof wasn’t the only girl with a magnificent performance.  Audrey Freyhof came into the finish line in 20:44 (6th), Jennica Schaffer in 21:15 (9th), Melinda Overbeek in 21:53 (12th), and Hope Fathman in 22:14 (18th).

The boys also had a valiant effort to fend off the Maroons. The race was a runaway for junior Mark Freyhof who finished in 16:44 beating Zeeland West’s Ryan Lowing (2nd) by thirteen seconds to claim the individual conference champion title.

Following Freyhof were runners Andrew Fathman who finished in 17:58 (12th), Caleb Topp in 18:12 (15th), Gerald Defouw in 18:19 (17th), and Elliot Klingenburg in 18:41 (20th).

Coach Mr. Travis Pertner called the meet “exciting” going on to say that even Holland Christian’s girls team was cheering runners on excitedly at the finish line.

All conference runners included Erika Freyhof, Audrey Freyhof, and Mark Freyhof.  In the honorable mention category were Melinda Overbeek and Andrew Fathman.


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