Girls swim past GR Christian, prepare for ultimate goal: state meet

The girls varsity swim team beat Grand Rapids Christian 110 to 76.

“We had to swim well to beat GRC,” Coach Eric Talsma said.

He explained that a lot of girls have had their best night of the season and he believes some lifetime best.

“I didn’t do super good, but it wasn’t horrible,” Veronica Overbeck said.

Alyssa Peters explained how she had problems of her own.

“My goggles came off so that was crappy and they were practically choking me,” Peters said.

“I thought Grand Rapids Christian would have been a bit better and have a better score than what they did,” she added.

When it comes to improving, Talsma thinks that at this point he’s not concerned as long as they are getting state cuts.

“That’s what we need to get and then we were will go from there,” Coach Talsma said.

He is mostly worried about general things, like learning how to race.

“The freshmen, sophomores and even with some of our juniors are making poor mistakes when they are swimming, that we need to continue to work on,” he explained.

“This is probably the best team (Hamilton has) ever had for the girls. They’re swimming really well, they’re working hard and I think come to state meet they are going to be right where we need them to be,” Coach Talsma explained.

When it comes to the team, both Overbeek and Peters think that the girls are like a second family.

Talsma agrees the strength of the team has to do with how close they are.

“With 29 girls that are pulling for each other, I think that’s probably our biggest strength,” he said. “They work hard together, they cheer for each other and they’re there for each other away from the pool as well.”

Peters said Emily Bussis and Maddie Klenk are thinks the leaders of the team.

“They always help people when they question what to do,” she said.

Peters is looking forward to the meet with Holland Christian and also thinks they pose the toughest challenge.

With eight practices a week, the girls are doing what it takes to be ready for the state meet soon.


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