Government clamping down on student keys to freedom

It seems that teenagers are being more supervised and regulated as years go on. Now Michigan is putting more regulations on teenage driving for the first six months to a year of obtaining a license. With this bill, introduced by Democrat Representative Richard Leblanc, teen drivers must be home by 10 p.m. till 5 a.m. unless work related. Along with this these younger drivers must have a designated adult aged 21 or older riding with us if we wish to drive with a younger friend in the car.

However, I believe that parents should be able to determine whether or not their child is ready to drive around with other people and when they need to be home. We don’t need a law to set it in stone. Our parents will have the best capacity to know our driving abilities and maturity levels in different driving situations.

When I think of a license I think of the freedom and responsibility of becoming more of an adult and not having to be constantly monitored. I want to be able to go and be with my friends and not have to rely on my parents in order to do so.
It’s a nuisance for everyone when having to work around schedules just to figure out a sane day to hangout that works. It lessens the responsibility of our parents so they don’t have to stop what they’re doing and ride along when picking up a friend to go someplace.

It seems just like an extension of what we did for previous driving permits but now we’re at least allowed to drive alone.


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