Greenhouses working against warm weather to keep Tulip Time from becoming “Stem Fest”

Festival organizers hope to still have Tulips blooming in May.

Many have been to downtown Holland for at least part of the Tulip Time Festival. You’ve seen elephant ears, cotton candy, fried candy bars, but what about the Tulips this year?

With the unseasonably warm, amazing weather we recently had, the tulips that are to be used during the Tulip Time are already  blooming early.

The green houses that provide the tulips are working hard to not have a “stem fest” this year; like The Holland Sentinel believes it may end up being. All of the festivals organizers all state the same thing… that it depends on the weather.

“Organizers are worried that visitors may be disappointed, but there also are other things to enjoy, ” stated

“Already 6 million Tulips are currently in full bloom,” says the; and the festival isn’t even scheduled to begin until May 5.

Don’t forget The Tulip Time Festival is May 5- May 12.


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