Half days come back to Hamilton

Hamilton Community Schools has made a change to the school calendar that has not been seen in quite some time, adding half days to the school year. There will be two half days this year, morning only, from 7:38 a.m. to 10:38 a.m
“The state of Michigan changed a requirement for all schools this school year,” said Mr. Doug Braschler, Hamilton’s Director of Secondary Education. “Hamilton had 168 student days last year, and the state changed the minimum to 170, so we had to add two days.”
It will be a while before the students experience these short days, as the first comes Friday, March 8, and the second is on May 8, the Wednesday during Tulip Time.
“Since we still meet the minimum number of required hours of instruction (1080 hours), it was decided to add half days instead of full days,” Mr. Braschler said.
This will make each class period last a duration of about 32 minutes, leaving a limited amount of time for teachers to teach a lesson or for students to gain anything from the day.
According to Braschler, half days are actually cheaper, “You have to run busing, but you don’t have food service. Since this is an addition to last year’s schedule, it’s actually the cheapest way we can do it.”
Students showed mixed reactions when asked about the new half days.
“I like the idea of half days,” sophomore Zoie Jamrog said. “People still get to go to school but they also have more time in the day for themselves. A little change once in a while is good.”
“I am in favor of half days,” junior Jackie Westrate said. “It is unnecessary for us to go all day, especially during conferences.”
However Kennedy Purk, also a junior, didn’t feel the same.
“They are kind of pointless because you can’t really do much school work on a half day. We might as well have a full day off,” Purk said.


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