Hallway nightmare: the high school’s Ninja walls

For some time now, I’ve been contemplating the significance of the texture of some of the walls in the high school.  You know, the ones down the main hallway upstairs? The spiky ones?

I get hurt by the walls at least three times every trimester.  THREE, freaking times! Yeah, I know, its CRAZY! I’m not the only one either, many students I’ve talked to get hurt by those deadly walls.  Even a student at the middle school has reported getting injured on the walls.

They will jump out and attack you, without warning, unseen. They will cut you, and it may seem like a simple scrape on the outside, but inside your emotionally scarred for life.

The truth is, these are no simple scrapes. The memories stick with you, and replay in your mind constantly, to the point that you may need intense therapy. And even then you may not be healed.

I recently went to a football game and saw the beautiful new stadium we have here in Hamilton. But, I was horrified to see those ninja walls return, to tear the flesh off of the arms of the poor innocent civilians.

I strongly feel that the texture should be immediately removed from the premise of the high school and the stadium.  Not only for the sake of each Hamiltonians well being and sanity, but also for the parents who would have to pay for years of intense psychiatric therapy.

(Hamilton junior Emily Nykamp likes to spice up her columns using actual facts with a slightly exaggerated angle; it’s part of her charming sense of humor.  Hope you enjoyed!)


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