Hamilton athlete competes in two sports during one season

Brady Zomer plays midfield and forward in soccer, and is the placekicker for the football team.

Many athletes say doing a sport during school can be stressful because you have to find time to do homework, hang out with friends and spend time with family. It takes up a lot of time doing just one sport and to be successful you have to be committed.

Brady Zomer has been participating in the two sports of soccer and football during the 2012 fall sports season.

He is the kicker for the football team and plays forward and mid-field for the soccer team.

Zomer says being on both teams is a unique opportunity and that he enjoys both.

While some people would think that playing two sports would get overwhelming, Zomer said that he enjoys every minute of the practices and games, and he never regrets his decision of playing both.

“ I don’t have much free time but I enjoy spending time with my teams on and off the field so every moment of hard work has paid off,” Zomer said.

Soccer practice usually ends around 5 p.m. each day, and then he heads straight over to football practice to attend as much as possible.

In the summer, he attended weight lifting with the football players and soccer workouts.

His advice to anyone in the future that wants to play both soccer and football is to be committed.

In the past there have been other people who did dual sports, all happened to be football and soccer.

Former Hamilton athlete, Dakota Sale, was the first person to participate in dual sport enrollment.  After he asked Mr. Jerry Haggerty if he could play both soccer and football, they added a section in the student handbook explaining the process.  The section says: Both the coaches, athlete, athletic director and parents must agree and be fully supportive. The athlete must declare a primary sport and a secondary sport. The athlete may never miss the primary sports practices or games. On a day there is no sports competition the athlete must make an effort to attend both practices.

Mr. Haggerty also says that if Zomer’s grades were to start declining he would first discuss the issue with him and then if they didn’t improve he could be removed from his secondary sport.

“Playing two sports is a privilege and if you break any of the handbook rules or prove yourself incapable of dual sport enrollment  you can be dismissed at any time,” Mr. Haggerty said.

Football Coach Chris Myers said that Zomer is a valuable player and just as much a part of the team as anyone else even though he is only there for parts of practices.

“I like Brady alot! He always keeps me going,” Soccer Coach Malefyt said.

All of the past athletes that have played two sports in one season have been senior boys who played soccer and football during the sports fall season. Mr. Haggerty says these two sports have the least conflicts and work well with one another.


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