Hamilton athlete making his mark on ice

With all the sports opportunities offered here at Hamilton High School, it is very rare that a student strays from the norm.

Hamilton junior Paul Amidon is one who is stepping outside the Hamilton boundaries and going up to Grand Rapids to play his favorite sport, ice hockey. Ice hockey is available at some high schools in Michigan but not all.

He’s been playing hockey since he was two years old.  His dad played hockey before him and a lot of family on his dad’s side were into it as well.

“When I first started to walk, my dad put me out on the ice,” Paul said.

Paul has come a long way since he was two.  He now travels to Grand Rapids every Tuesday and Thursday and practices with his team from 9:30 to 11:00 at night.

He plays at least two games a week at minimum.  Sometimes he plays up to five games in one week.

In his spare time he also plays football, lacrosse (all for fun).  He also is a member of the varsity boys track team in the spring.

If given the opportunity, Paul would like to play hockey as a career.

If that isn’t possible he said he would definitely like to continue playing after high school.  He could even possibly get a hockey scholarship if it’s something he might be interested in continuing through college.

Some colleges offer anywhere from a full ride (pays for entire tuition) to quarter rides (pays a quarter of tuition) to even just a booster scholarship (just a little bit of help paying for tuition).

Amidon isn’t completely sure on where he wants to go to school, but he is keeping hockey in mind as a source of financial aid when planning.

“I’ve still got two years to decide for sure,” he said.  “Right now I’m just enjoying the ice.”

For now, all he can do is work hard, play harder, and enjoy every minute of the sport that he loves.


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