Hamilton Band takes the stage for solo ensemble

The band performs at a concert earlier this year.

On Saturday Feb. 4  at East Kentwood High School, the Hamilton Band members will be performing a piece(s) they have selected for them selves to play in front of a judge at solo ensemble.

Judges at Solo ensemble grade the event on 5 things, tone, intonation, rhythm, technique and interpretation. The grading is one to four, with one being the best.

This year Hamilton Band will be represented by 26 students and a total of 27 events.

“I want to play the best possible,” said Megan Lohman a senior who has been doing solo ensemble since the seventh grade.

With pressure to perform to the best of their abilities a lot of students look for help with band teachers Mr. Herrick and Mr.Suhusky.

Mr. Suhusky takes events during class out to work on and help them. While Mr.Herrick lets students come in after school to work on their  event with him.

“Finding the time to practice is one of the harder things,” said Cassie Olson who is performing a solo and duet this year.

With many students going there are  two main goals seen throughout them.

“To go to state solo ensemble,” said Cassie Olson.

“That they play to the best of their ability,” said Mr.Herrick.


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