Hamilton hires new principal

Brianna Laarman and Caitlin Carroll
Associate News Editors

A new principal has been hired for Hamilton High School. Mr. Braschler, who has been the principal at Hamilton High School for 11 years will be retiring at the end of the school year of 2014-15.  The Hamilton district will be welcoming to the high school, Mr. Tim Reeves as it’s principal beginning in the school year of 2015-16.

On Wednesday, April 15, a group of students, teachers and parents met separately with the three candidates who made it to the final round for the job. The three were, Mr. Banfield, the current Assistant Principal at Hamilton High School, Mr. Reeves, the current principal at Kelloggsville Middle School, and Mr. McAndrew, the current principal at Gobles Middle/High School.

“The biggest concern I had about picking a principal was the fact that Mr. Braschler was so great for this school and I wanted to pick someone who could grow into those shoes,” junior Allie Eding said.

“(I am looking for) someone who is educated for the position, ready to have pride in Hamilton, and ready to walk alongside students and teachers,” sophomore Makayla Lubbers said.

Mr. Reeves has worked in education for 17 years as a high school teacher, middle school assistant principal, elementary principal, and currently the principal at Kelloggsville. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and a teaching degree from Hope College. While he was teaching, Mr. Reeves, earned his Master’s in Educational Leadership from Grand Valley State University, and currently enrolled in Grand Valley State University’s Master’s in Business Administration degree.

“I liked how Mr. Reeves had a background in business and how he was from this area,” sophomore Catherine DeFouw said.

“Mr. Reeves is a good man to have in a crisis,” freshman Garett Shrode said.

Mr. Banfield is completing his 8th year of high school administration, loves working with young people, and loves Hamilton. He will remain the assistant principal at Hamilton High School.

“I liked how we knew Mr. Banfield, and how he was at ease with us and told us about this family,” sophomore Catherine DeFouw said.

Mr. McAndrew is currently the Middle School Principal, High School Principal, as well as the Virtual Academy Principal, and the Director of Transportation at Gobles Public Schools. He has completed his undergraduate teaching degree and his Master of Arts in Educational Leadership degree.

“(Mr. McAndrew) wanted to put in place a whole bunch of new change,” sophomore Catherine DeFouw said.

“Sometimes I think me, as a student, and our school, as a whole, is nervous for change,” sophomore Makayla Lubbers said.

“All three of the candidates were very open minded and prepared. I don’t think there was a ‘bad’ choice, which made it hard to pick an ideal candidate,” freshman Garett Shrode said.

“They each had something unique to offer to Hamilton,” junior Allie Eding said.



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