Hamilton Idol crowns winners

The battle for Hamilton Idol started with 80 contestants, was narrowed to four, and finally to this year’s winner last Saturday, October 25 at the 7th annual Hamilton Idol contest.

Recent Hamilton graduate Gerrit Householder, class of 2014, claimed the top honor for the night.

Hamilton Idol consists of two rounds: auditions and finals. In the audition round, contestants sing a 60 second or less portion of a song – and it’s all acapella. “(It’s) kind of scary,” Mrs. Israels joked, “but it really allows you to hear just their voice.”  In the final round, the singers get to perform full songs with music.  Some people even bring live bands.

Taylor Phillips, the winner in the middle school category, had three musicians with her.  Her dad played the drums along with people on the piano and the bass guitar.  Rachel Quillian, a Hamilton alumni, also had two musicians with her.  She even played the guitar herself while she sang.

In the audition round, finalists are chosen by three judges.  The judges are music directors from around the area.  They choose 20 overall finalists with at least 3 in each age group.  In the finals, the winners are chosen by the audience.  Everyone in the audience has a hand held electronic device that they can vote with.

This year’s winners were Gerrit Householder (adult and overall), Cassidy Oosterink (high school), Taylor Phillips (middle school), and Maya Ludema (elementary).

Oosterink, a sophomore, won her division for the third time.  She won in elementary school, and in 8th grade as well.  She sang “Your Song” by Elton John.  Oosterink has been a part of choir and school plays for a long time, yet she still gets nervous.  “It’s very nerve racking beforehand, but the audience is dark which helps.  It’s nerve racking, but you get used to it.”

Oosterink isn’t the only one who gets nervous before performing.  Caleb Cole, a senior, says that he gets nervous too.  “It’s scary,” he said.  “I was shaking.”

Hamilton Idol is definitely something to attend.

“(People) should come because it’s awesome,” Mrs. Israels said. “It’s a very different feel being on the stage.  Everyone that came loved it and were impressed.”

Cole agreed saying it’s unique.  Not many other schools do something like this.


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