Hamilton Idol takes the stage for the 5th year in a row

Ladies and gentlemen from all across the Hamilton Community are dusting off their dazzling costumes and taking out their microphones to wow the judges for the auditions of the 5th year of Hamilton Idol.

Some students have a lot of fear to get up in front of the judges. But to get over that, everyone has that one special thing to help them. Some do a type of exercise, while others have to eat or drink. And some have to talk to a loved one or close friend to calm them down.

Freshman Danielle Goodyke, former Hamilton Idol contestant, is trying out again this year, hoping to go on to the finals.

“If I have time to myself, I jump around and get all of my jitters out and try to get rid of fidgets,” said Goodyke when asked if she has any rituals before she goes on stage.

“I feel excited and nervous,’’ said Goodyke. “I love the stage. It makes me feel so powerful and confident, but at the same time, the nerves kick in.”

Goodyke will be singing “Always be More than a Band” by Lemonade Mouth.

Tryouts take place on Saturday, Oct. 6, at 7:00 in the high school auditorium.


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