Hamilton Middle School: A new beginning

The new entrance for the middle school while under construction, Fall 2011.

The middle school has undergone many changes – about $6 million worth according to Hamilton Superintendent David Tebo. The major part of the construction is set to be done by the Nov. 25 with other minor projects to be finished at a later time.

“There have not been any major set-backs with the project. As with all construction projects of this size we have had minor delays in some areas and work completed faster than expected in other areas,” Mr. Tebo said.

Although this is his first year in Hamilton, Middle School Principal Jason Feig has not noticed much of a change with the way the students act and behave around the school. Feig described the renovations as being “great additions” and the staff response being “everybody being very positive”. The only negative thing Feig could think of was the construction is loss of storage.

“Students are incredibly flexible, and go with the flow,” Mr. Feig said.


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