Hamilton teachers, choir entertain students before break

As an end of the year treat, Hamilton staff decided to put on a skit for the students. For the most part the skit was a mystery to the students as to what it would be about. About the last hour of school before the break, the teachers put on their costumes and got ready for their big début.

The production started out with two songs from Honors choir. As they cleared the stage, about a dozen teachers took their place. By then the students had figured out that this would be some rendition of A Charlie Brown Christmas. Mr. Hoppe played the famous Charlie Brown, Ms. Ayres played Lucy, and several other teachers filled the other roles.

The production was very similar to the actual movie, but it also had some unexpected twists. When Charlie seeks “psychiatric help” from Lucy, she questions if he has any fears.

Lucy provided examples like Spottsphobia, which is the fear of cats; and DeGoodphobia, which is the fear of geometry. The audience got a kick out of that because the anatomy teacher, Mr. Spotts dissects cats every year and Mr. DeGood is our geometry teacher.

There was even a dog in the play but it was played by a less furry sort. Mr. Lugten played the role of Snoopy with a pair of floppy ears hanging from the sides of his head.

Mrs. Johr played Charlie Brown’s little sister, Sally.  She asks Charlie to write down her Christmas list which includes five crispitos (a favored meal at lunch), Johnny Depp, Channing Tatum, and of course money.

Linus, played as Mr. Behnke, explains the true meaning of Christmas to Charlie Brown and so Charlie goes and picks a sad, pitiful-looking Christmas tree.

The needleless tree was replaced by a lighted six foot full tree. As it was roled out onto the stage, all the teachers in the gym made their way to the tree. Each of them put an ornament on the tree and joined in a singing.

Then, Honors choir returned to the stage for another song. Woman’s Chorale and MTC later joined the stage to sing a song remember those who lost their lives one week earlier in the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.

While the choirs sang “My Grown Up Christmas List, the thoughts of those 20 innocent children brought tears to some people’s eyes.  The school had already honored the victims with a moment of silence taken earlier in the day, and then the voices of choir sang out hopefully that “no more lives (be) torn apart and time would heal all hearts.”


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