Hamilton teachers get ready for all-day kindergarten

"All Day Kindergarten"
Starting this fall, kindergarten is going to be all day in Hamilton.
The School Board passed the change back in January. They wanted to go full day with the kindergarten because the   state was going to be cutting back how much a school gets per child for half-day kindergarten.
Also with kindergarten going all day, there will be fewer students  in Young-5s.
Parents will have to register their child and the school is going to determine whether they make the class, because there will be two classes for Young-5s in the district.
The teachers won’t know how many kids will be in a class until kindergarten screening is done, which will be after spring break.
Hamilton Elementary’s kindergarten teacher Brenda Stoel is excited for the change.  She said that she will be able to develop more skills with the kids and that the teachers wouldn’t have to feel as rushed with all the activities they have to do daily.
Also, the teachers can get to know the kids even better to help find their strengths and weaknesses.
Linda Lafleur, who works at Bentheim Elementary, is also excited for the change because it is going to be a great thing for the kids.
Mrs. Lafleur said the kids can do more actitives that are fun and educational. The class is going to use the same techniques as the teachers do already for half-day kindergarten but with longer time frames.

Megan McCormick is ready for the change at Sandyview, because it’s going to allow more opportunities for the kids and extend the learning activities. She believes it is going to help develop the kid’s brains more and be more interactive.

Jill Sloothaak said she and many others at Blue Star Elementary are excited for the change. It will give the teachers more time to cover concepts and  incorporate developmentally appropoiate activities that the half-day didn’t provide.

Mrs. Sloothaak thinks that the change is indeed wonderful for the students at Hamilton.


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