Hamilton to greet German exchange students this week

This keepsake from the 2009 German Exchange trip still hangs in Frau Stieper's room.

On Tuesday, October 9, Hamilton High school will be opening its arms to 25 German students.

The students will be coming from Michenschule, a college-prep high school in the city of Hildensheim. They will be staying for about three weeks, then leaving on November 2.

Sophomores Connor Gutuescu and Dayton Pax are among the many Hamilton students who will be welcoming a German student into their homes.

Both students have been studying the German language for three years now. When asked if he was either nervous or excited, Gutuescu was a bit unsure of his answer.

“A little bit of both,” he finally reported. “Mostly excited, though.”

Pax, however, is not the least bit apprehensive. “I’m excited,” he explained, “we’ve already hosted three Germans.”

“This exchange is great, and amazing for Germans and Americans to experience a different way of life,” Ms. Lauren Stieper, Hamilton’s lead exchange-organizer, said. “It helps both us and them to realize just how similar and different cultures can be, what things each culture takes for granted, etc. ┬áIt is also great for language learning, and for life-long-friendships in different countries.”





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