Hamilton to move 5th graders to middle school in 2014

Hamilton will move the 5th graders over to the middle school in 2014.

When people think of 5th graders, most people think of elementary school.  Not for much longer in Hamilton though.

For the 2014-2015 school year, the 5th graders will be placed in the Hamilton middle school building, no longer categorizing them as elementary school students. Middle school will be 5th-8th grade and elementary school will be K-4th grade.

Once all day-everyday kindergarten was moved into the elementary schools, there were space issues that had to be dealt with. The idea of bringing the 5th graders into the middle school building has been a possible option for years, but now the choice is final due to the recent change.

Parents may wonder how this will effect their child.

“We don’t think that it will hurt students in any way,” Mr. David Tebo said. “There will be things that we will need to focus on, like making sure that we have the right social emotional support in place.”

It is said that having the younger grade moved to the middle school with benefit them greatly. New teachers and higher skill level classes will be available to the students to help them in any way possible. Being exposed to more teachers, teaching methods, and programs could help with ensuring everyone’s academic needs are being attended to.

According to administration, the 5th grade teachers are mostly likely to move with the students to the middle school, so no change in the amount of teachers for the 6th through 8th graders are expected.

How the new students will be able to fit into the middle school may change how many kids are put into a class.

It is unknown if this change will effect the high school in any way.


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