Hamilton will celebrate ‘Detroit Lions’ days in honor of Mr. Hoppe

A lifelong fan of the Detroit Lions, a young Mr.Hoppe gets an autograph from Lions great Barry Sanders.

Mark your calendars for January 6, February 4 , March 4, April 14 ,May 5 and June 4 because on these days students and staff will be wearing blue  in honor for Mr. Hoppe’s favorite team the Detroit Lions.

At Mr.Hoppe’s funeral, Mr.Braschler said that on those days we will remember Mr.Hoppe and his passion not only for the Lions, but for life. It’s a way that we can remember and honor a great teacher that meant a lot to Hamilton.

As Mr.Braschler pointed out, everyone has their own way of grieving. “Nothing right, nothing wrong about that,” he said.

Some of us may like the idea of wearing face paint and little pictures or signs on our faces on the days that we wear blue and white.  Mr. Braschler said he approves of that.

Mr. Braschler will remind people the day before each date so that students will remember to wear blue and white.

I hope to see many faces covered because students aren’t the only one that may participate. Teachers may participate in this remembering Mr.Hoppe too.

“I know I will,”  Mr. Braschler  said.


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