Attendance and grading policy gives students options to earn credit

Hamilton High School’s attendance record is working fairly well: fewer students are skipping school and which means better numbers for classes.

If a student has 10 or more absences in a class period, they can receive an ‘Ecr’ which gives them graduation credit if they are above proficiency. However, if the student is below proficiency, they receive an E, leading to a failure in the class.

“If kids show proficiency level, they are not going to lose credit,” Co-principal Mat Rehkopf said. “We won’t deny credit because of attendance.”

If students are sick, that could be a different story.

“There are a few exceptions,” Mr. Rehkopf said. “It’s based on doctor notes and the length of the absence.”

Every trimester’s attendance record is different, but during the first trimester, fewer students went over the 7/10 absence rule than years in the past.

“We’re typically in the 40’s depending on the trimester, but (as of Nov. 15) we are at 28, which is (really good),” Mr. Rehkopf said.




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