Hannah in Ireland, blog 6: On the way home

Hannah (left) with her dad and sister Elizabeth in front of Blarney Castle in Ireland.

Ireland has been great! Its very lush (even though it’s winter) and the people are very personable. The countryside is one of the most beautiful things I have seen.

We visited the Blarney Castle which is a castle built in the 1400’s. The castle is considered a ruin, but is in good shape. We went up 126 feet, to the top of the castle. At the top of the castle is the Blarney stone. The legend is if you kiss the Blarney  stone you will have the gift of eloquence.

To kiss the stone you  have to lay on the ground, lean backwards, grab the two metal  bars behind you, and basically do a backbend above an open hole eight stories up. Elizabeth and I both kissed the Blarney stone. So my sister and I may be more eloquent, but my parents opted out.

Besides the castle and Blarney stone, the Blarney estates had a dungeon, tunnels, poison gardens, stables, a watch tower, trap door, and even a murder hole. We explored the dungeon and tunnels and walked through the poison gardens and the stables. The trap door was at one of entrances and if the guest wasn’t welcomed they would pull the trap door from underneath them and they would land in the dungeon. The murder hole was at another one of the entrances and if an enemy broke in they would pour boiling oil through the hole in the floor above the enemy .

Qatar was such a different culture it makes Ireland seems very much like America. It is very beautiful and while it seems European, I can tell we are getting closer to home.


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