Hannah in London, final blog: The End of the Road

Elizabeth and Hannah Krause pose atop the London Eye with Big Ben in the distant background.

This is our last day of the adventure. My family and I have been in London for the past few days and really enjoyed it. London is amazing. It has been a nice contrast to Cork County, Ireland which is mainly country.

In London we rode on the London eye, a 443 foot tall ferris wheel that overlooks the city, saw the London Tower, which is a beautiful castle, the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, Big Ben,West Mister Abbey, Kensington Palace, an aquarium, and some museums. We went shopping at a TK Maxx which is England’s version of my favorite store TJ Maxx.  I am not sure what to say about London because there was “so much to do and so little time”. I guess I would sum it up as awesome.

I have discovered that I love England, and thus far London has been my favorite city. We are heading home tomorrow. Thanks for following my blogs.  It has been my pleasure.


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