Hannah in Qatar, blog 1: First Impressions

Hamilton sophomore Hannah Krause (far left) poses for a shot with her family in the desert of Qatar.

The trip to Qatar took fourteen hours. We took two different flights, and each flight took about seven hours. When we got to Qatar it was 9 PM Qatar time and 1 AM U.S. time. The temperature is in the eighties and very sunny.

The city has very unique architecture. Many buildings are shaped like objects such as a vase, a rocket, and the Doha Bank is shaped like a D. At night some of the buildings are lit up by LED lights that continually change color. Even the Doha Post office looks like an ornate building from Aladdin.

Buildings and homes in Doha have no addresses and no mail can be delivered so people here make trips to the post office regularly. Also there are barely any  crosswalks in the busy city so when we cross the “six lanes of death” to get to Mega Mart, we have to watch carefully and then book for our lives.

The native Qatari’s clothing is also very different. The men all wear a keffiyeh which is like a turban except it drapes down in back. Every different tribe has a different design on their keffiyeh. The men also wear a completely white dress-like robe that goes down to their feet. The women wear a burqa and a hijab so that everything except their eyes are covered.

So far Qatar is amazing! Tomorrow we are going to the Souq, which is a giant market that has basically anything you can think of from bunnies dressed in clown outfits to falcons trained to hunt. I can’t wait to see around and explore this awesome country.



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