Happy Birthday to HHSPAPER.COM

The ThunderHawk is celebrating the fifth birthday of its online website hhspaper.com.

Mr. Kevin Weed’s journalism students were greeted with a rare treat this morning – cupcakes to celebrate the 5th birthday of the ThunderHawk website.

It has been five years since ThunderHawk webmaster Cody Eding posted “Hello, World” in the first post to kickoff the Hamilton High School website hhspaper.com.

“Time has flown by since Cody came to me as a high school junior talking about having a website,” Mr. Weed said.  “I’m very grateful that he has continued to help us stay on the cutting edge of journalism.”

Eding, a 2007 graduate of Hamilton, received his Bachelor’s degree from Grand Valley University last year and is now working at The Holland Sentinel.



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