High school students enjoy new coffee shop

The coffee shop is full of options.

  • The coffee shop is full of options.
  • Students line up for their coffee Friday morning before second hour.

Caleb Topp
ThunderHawk Staff Writter

The high school has undergone many changes over this summer including a new assistant principal, new teachers, and a the construction of a snack & coffee shop in the ‘fishbowl’ area between the sophomore and junior hallways. Students have enjoyed the several items that the shop offers including Slushies, coffee, Propel, and so much more.

Some items have not been hits for the morning crowd, all headed to their first hour classes.

“I am very surprised that the ‘Type A Breakfast’ hasn’t been more popular.” Mrs. Dykstra explained “It is so much more convenient than going downstairs to the cafeteria.”

Despite the lack of enthusiasm for the “Type A Breakfast” other items like the Trix cereal bar and Pop-tarts have taken off like wildfire according to Mrs. Kleinheksel.

Students like senior Nick Grifhorst have taken advantage of the several items to choose from.

“My personal favorite is the cherry slushy,” he said. “I get one everyday.”

Senior Mason Horsting said that he likes to start his morning with a slushy as well and added “the lady at the counter was very nice.”

At least one Hamilton teacher teacher thought there is nothing wrong with coffee in the classroom.

“One must be awake to do (Algebra),” Mr. Pertner said.

Whenever there is a controversial topic there are usually two sides to be taken and some teachers have expressed that they don’t want students in their class to have coffee.

Mr. Mark Behnke said he was fine with students having coffee in his classroom as well, but added that he would want these students to get their coffee or slushies before class begins rather than asking to go in the middle of class.

Despite the slight controversy, I think that we can all agree that the coffee shop is a good addition for both the high school and all of us that call it home from 7:35 to 2:35.


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