Hannah in Qatar, blog 5: Final thoughts from the Middle East

Hannah snapped this picture of a camel at the race track before leaving Qatar.

My adventure in Qatar has come to an end. Visiting Qatar has been an AMAZING experience. I was able to learn so much about Qatar’s very different culture and enjoyed that very much.

I loved the everything about Qatar and its tough to choose what I enjoyed most about it. I really enjoyed going to the Souq the first time ┬ábecause it was when I was able to see how different and beautiful Qatar is! It was interesting to get to see the the Qatari’s in their ┬átraditional clothing.

Another highlight would be when my mom, Elizabeth, and I were walking along the corniche (waterfront of the Doha Bay) and some teenage girls dressed in their black abaya’s (cloak that covers everything except their eyes) came up to us and one of the girls asked if she could get a picture with us. We were delighted! We had been wanting a picture of the women in their abaya’s but it is forbidden . We said of course and all three of the other girls took out their cameras and got pictures too. We told the girl that we were from America and she said that they were from Saudi Arabia. In the picture you can see that they girl is a teenager because she is wearing Converse shoes and skinny jeans underneath her abaya. In the picture you can also see that she has henna tattoos on her hands. That means she was probably in a wedding. Instead of nail polish for weddings they use henna.

The dunes and camel race were two more things that were cool to see.

Seeing the pet cheetah on the beach was mind blowing! The camel race was really strange because I never thought as camels as racing animals and it was very interesting to see them in action.

I loved the entire Qatar adventure! It was great to get to learn about another culture and experience life in their country.

We are now on the voyage back to the US and the amazing adventure is coming to an end. We are working our way home, and are currently in Ireland for several days (because our plane stopped in Frankfort and Ireland was just too close!). We will also be stopping in England for a few days before returning to Michigan.


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