Historical marker describes story of Hamilton train trestle

If you travel down to the Heath Township park you will now find a plaque that describes the early history of the Hamilton train trestle.

The Historical marker tells about the history of both the trestle and the history of  the Rabbit River village which was what Hamilton was called up until 1870 when the name was changed to Hamilton. The trestle has been a part of of the Allegan County Heritage Trail since 2003.

Featured on the plaque is a aerial view of the area surrounding the river. The picture was taken back when Hamilton was still called the Rabbit River village.

“The trestle is rare and its actual history is hard to come by because records have either been lost or destroyed,” said Ruth Tidd, who wrote the history of the trestle.

It is assumed that the trestle was built some where around 1868-1869, because that was when the first railroad traveling between Holland and Allegan was built.

The trestle has kept a very similiar form to when it was first created with only minimal changes such as improvements to railroad ties and timbers.

The history of Hamilton is very rich and the trestle is part of it.



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