Homecoming Dance bound to be a hit

These ladies are fired up for Pink Day.

The football game is done and you’re not ready to call it a night. What do you do? Get on your dancing shoes and make your way to the high school for a night of friends, music, and fun.

The Homecoming dance is after the football game on Sept. 28, and has been all planned out and put together by the members of the student council. Although they have a budget to abide by which comes out of the student activity budget, teachers are kind enough to pay a little extra money that comes out of their own pocket to make sure the students have a great time.

This should be a night that everyone wants to have fun, but there are a few rules that must be followed.

“Once you enter the dance you can’t leave,” Mrs. Suzie Alward, the student council advisor, said.

She also explained that the dancing rules that have been placed in years past have not gone away. All dancing must be appropriate and will surely be watched by the chaperones. Always remember the posters that have been made in the past, ‘Face to face but with a little space’.

For many freshmen this Homecoming will be a new experience.  Unlike middle school, where students bought shirts for entrance to the dance and game, students don’t purchase shirts, they just wear their own.  Also, food will not be provided, there will not be a raffle or prizes to win, and the dance will be after, not before the football game.

Mr. Dan Van Hekken, the physical education teacher, will once again be the D.J. for the dance.

Homecoming only comes once a year and is created for the students to have fun. 

If you’re going, enjoy your time, remember the office reminds NO grinding allowed, as some might say: remember to leave room for Jesus.




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