Homework policy smooth for teachers, beneficial for students

Hamilton High School has a new homework policy this year – if a student doesn’t do their homework, they stay after school.

Some teachers use the policy to force students to get their work done, but other teachers give their students a few chances to let them step up their game, with a warning.

“I feel (that) the program is going well,” said Mr. Mat Rehkopf, Hamilton coprincipal. “I have to base that on (the fact that) I am not hearing a lot of complaints from teachers, and I know students are getting their assignments done after staying.”

Ms. Mary Aufderheide and Mr. Keith Sheridan, who both teach at the high school, help run the program in the library. Roughly, around seven kids come each day.

“It can go from two kids one day, to 15 kids another day,” Mr. Rehkopf. “It really just depends on the day.”

“I have not heard much (from the staff),” said Mr. Rehkopf, “but we need to have a program like this.”



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