Hunters gear up for firearm season

This past Saturday was a holy day for many Michiganders.

November 15 was the first day of deer season in Michigan.

Traditionally, this is a day where our school sees the number of students who are in class drop. Those who aren’t at school are in the woods.

This year, however, was different.

With opening day on Saturday, everyone who had a license was in the woods, swamps and fields looking for that big buck.

Most hunters will agree that there are more bucks this year than there were last year.

According to the DNR, last year 484,000 deer were harvested, and about 35% percent were bucks. The numbers show that 6% more deer were harvested in 2007 than in 2006.

Last year hunters spent a combined total of 9.7 million days in the woods.  Forty-eight percent of those who hunted were successful.

With the number of hunters going up about 1% last year, this year will probably be a statistically similar  year.
This hunting season is also the first one to come after talks of increasing the resident license price. Currently, a junior combo license is $6.38 a tag. This license is for residents under the age of 17, and you can shoot one buck and one doe, or two bucks as long as one of the bucks has more than 4 points on one side.

According to the DNR, they expect a rather good year for the deer harvest, with a slightly higher number of deer in the area.

However, the deer change their feeding habits as the corn is harvested, and most hunters report better success when about 25% of the corn is still standing.

Good luck to all the hunters and have a safe and successful season.


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