Allegan youth organization Dares students to Care

Students can support Dare to Care by purchasing Hawkeye sunglasses at the high school office or from any TAG team member.

-1TAG team is having a leadership conference, named Dare to Care, in November. Many are unaware of what TAG team is and why students leave school to go there.  So to clear the confusion, TAG stands for teens aiding growth and they are responsible for giving mini grants to students and teachers in the Allegan County. They also give out large grants and scholarships to help benefit the youth in our community.  Our school representatives are Hannah Krause, Kennedy Purk, Kyler Rubley and myself.

The goal of this conference is to empower youth of Allegan County to give back and learn how impactful they can be. A nationally renowned speaker, Laurie Stewart will teach themes of this event will be centered on respect, positive peer pressure, confidence, learning, acting, and igniting the passion to serve. She was on more than one occasion captured young peoples attention for hours and yet it only feels like minutes.

“Laurie Stewart is one of the warmest and most genuine people you will probably ever meet. She has a way of connecting and building trust with a person within minutes of meeting them, which is a rare trait. She has a way, when she speaks, of keeping everyone engaged and eager to learn more. She’s a gem!” Taylor Laird, TAG advisor said.

This is a two-day conference that 10 students will be chosen by a consoler and the other half will be chosen randomly. Not only are these students going to receive an experience like none other, there will be non profits providing a opportunity to serve the community

 “To me, Dare to Care means that you make the effort to always step outside yourself, your own life and busy schedule, and really hone in on the needs of others. It’s also the idea that every single person despite their socioeconomic status or any other supposedly debilitating factor can truly help someone else in bigger ways than they realize. It was my senior year of high school and I remember the conference being a way to truly go out with a bang. I was able to be the DJ for the event, as well as running a small group after Laurie spoke. What really hit me though was the open mic time. Kids from my school, people I occasionally said ‘hi’ to or had a class with, got up in front of 200 students across the county and shared some of their deepest secrets. It was an incredibly humbling experience,” Laird said.

Last year all TAG members participated in getting surveys from all the schools in Allegan county to find the needs of students in the community. The result of this was eye opening. We found some kids were going without food from Friday lunch to Monday lunch.  That is 3 days without food. There was also a need for clothing, basic needs, hygiene products and most of all school supplies.

If you would like to help support this conference and encourage students be a leader in there community, you can purchase our dare to care sunglasses, that are black and yellow, for $3 or 2 for $5 at first lunch, from Connie or talk to Kennedy Purk, Hannah Krause, Kyler Rubley and myself (Kathryn Lugten).

Please support this cause. We believe this will become a steppingstone for student leadership in Hamilton’s future.


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