Idea started to pad college application, becomes active club

From 3-4:30pm every Tuesday, young film enthusiasts gather in the library to discuss and create their own original films.

Seniors Griffin Schaftenaar and Jonny Lampen are the founders of the Film Club.

“It actually started as something to put on our college applications,” Griffin said. He also gives the credit for the original idea to Jonny.

In order to get the club started Griffin and Jonny had to present their idea to Mr. Braschler. Mr. Braschler said that the club could be created as long as it remained school appropriate and no students were excluded.

Students are allowed to come and go as they please and so far there are really no rules about attendance in order to be a member. No experience is necessary; as long as you have an interest in film, members are willing to show you the ropes.

There haven’t been very many meetings yet, but students are showing an interest. These are just a few students who have showed up: Logan White, Austin Essenburg, Allison Rose, and Spencer Vanette.

“It’s a small but productive group,” Lampen said, but he would also like to see it grow.

In the future Griffin would like to see the club’s films in Hamilton’s annual film festival or enrolled in local film competitions. According to Mrs. Susie Alward, the club is in the discussion process, but they are getting a lot done while having fun.

Mr. Weed is allowing the club to use his room, and Mr. Behnke is allowing the club to use Script Writing’s equipment. Mr. Weed is also the club’s adviser.

As for the future of the film club, both Jonny and Griffin would like to see it continue.

“As long as we can find some to take over, I think it would be cool,” he said.


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