Inaugural ThunderHawk skating event ‘a success’

These die-hard skaters had to be booted off the ice by the Zamboni.

  • These die-hard skaters had to be booted off the ice by the Zamboni.
  • Trevor and Emily wait for Kray, Trey and Blake to lace up their skates.
  • Brett Slayton flies past center ice while Gerrit Householder glides behind.
  • Katie Durham snaps a photo of Mr. Weed taking a picture of Kelsey, Monica, her and Frida.
  • Frida, Cambria, Kelsey, Monica and Liz are ready to hit the ice.
  • Jason and Courtney show off big smiles and thumbs UP!
  • Brent Taratuta leads the pack.
  • Morgan Stillson glides across the blue line.
  • Mr. Weed takes a few laps without the camera.
  • Ambre Couturier, Gerrit Householder and Rachel Quillian.
  • Raelyn holds onto JT for dear life.
  • Blake Dewitt bites it, but with a smile.
  • Austin Sloan shows off his allegiance to the Penguins.
  • Trey, Kray, Trevor, Emily, Blake and Sean.
  • Emily Allbaugh and Lexi Kos.
  • Haley Putnam and Jen Reigler.
  • Mr. Stafford enjoys the game of tag that left his nephew on the ice.
  • The Stafford clan gets Mr. Weed's vote as best group of jerseys.
  • Sam Gates, JT Jaesche and Raelyn Prikasky are still smiling after leaving the ice.
  • Cory Swartz and Courtney Long.
  • Brent shows Brett how to clean his skate blades, while Luke and Blake have a seat.
  • Daniel plays peekaboo with his dad and sister, Addison.
  • Renae Turner and Emily Nykamp hit the ice early.
  • Josh Rutgers is finally captured on camera after the event.
  • Mrs. Behnke skates around with Caroline.
  • Sienna Echols skates across the blue line prior to taking out her friend from West Ottawa with her toe pick.

Holland, Mich. – More than 60 students, staff and families showed up for ThunderHawk Media‘s first-ever ice skating event held at the Edge Ice Arena in Holland, Thursday afternoon.

“It was a success,” ThunderHawk Advisor Kevin Weed said. “We really didn’t know how many people would show up, but I think everybody who did had a pretty good time.”

The promotional event lasted from 4-5:20 p.m.

Scenes of the fun can be viewed by clicking on each photo.


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