iPhone 5: most anticipated Apple release already sold out

The iPhone 5 is sold out

The wait is over for iPhone lovers, the 5 is on the way…if you ordered early, that is.

AT&T sent out emails saying the new iPhone 5 would be released on September 21 for those who pre-ordered Apple’s latest iPhone. It is considered the most anticipated release by the Apple company since the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 5 has a bigger screen which means the phone is now 123.8mm tall instead of 115 mm, however the phone is the same width. Some people think that with the added height people with shorter fingers will have trouble reaching the standby button with their forefinger.

Because of some changes made to the components, the headphone jack is now on the bottom of the phone opposed to the top as it has been on the older models. There was also a change made to the external speaker resulting in a deeper, fuller sound.

Improvements made to the performance resulted in apps appear to load faster, Videos run smoother, and video and image processing speed has increased.

The camera has gone through a few changes as well. While the iSight camera is still impressive, there is now a bigger virtual camera capture button and better video stabilization. The major change came to the front camera, it is now at 720p video and it takes 1.2MP photos. Even though the photos aren’t the greatest, the video improvements will help with FaceTime and Skype.

The new iPhone comes standard with iOS 6. For the moment it is difficult to find unique differences from the iPhone 4s.

The battery life on the iPhone 5 hasn’t been improved much from the iPhone 4s. This may be considered a good thing with the new improvements on the iPhone 5. Despite some people thinking that battery life may be OK, users will need to charge it every night so it doesn’t die during the day.

One of the much anticipated improvements are the new Earpods, which come standard with the iPhone 5. They offer a better audio experience right out of the box.

The starting price for the iPhone 5 is $199. The iPhone 5 has sold out already, so people that haven’t pre-ordered it will have to wait until the next batch is made.



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